Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a first-time client, then surely a few questions have popped out. Hopefully, you will find a few satisfying answers on this page.

Q: What are your work days and hours?

A: We are operational throughout the week, including weekends and even bank holidays. Our furniture assemblers work from 8am to 5pm.

Q: How do you charge?

A: All our services are hourly-based. In other words, you will be charge accordingly to the time our flat pack fitters spend on a project of yours. Take into consideration there is a minimal attendance flat fee. For more details, give us a call.

Q: What types and brands of furniture you assemble?

A: All. Our specialists are familiar with all furniture retailers in London and know how to assemble all articles of furniture regardless of type and model.

Q: Do you bring any equipment?

A: Yes. Our specialists come geared up with the next generation of high-end furniture assembly kits to bring the best results!

Q: Can you fit wardrobes or cupboards to the walls?

A: Sure. However, please inform us in advance so we can bring the appropriate equipment for the task.

Q: What about blinds and shelves?

A: Yes, we can fit them as well. Just give us the heads-up and we'll bring the necessary hardware.

Q: Can you get rid of the leftover packaging?

A: Well, we do not hold any responsibility for any leftover materials. However, our technicians won't cause a mess for you.

Q: What if it turns out a piece of hardware is missing from the packaging?

A: If it comes to a few bolts, we will probably be able to replace them. However, if the item missing is a vital component, we have no way to replace it. In such cases, we would issue a report and refer you to the showroom you purchased your chattels from.